CFF Studio is a group of young people passionate about making games. With expert game developers and talented artists, their product focused on creating well-designed, highly enjoyable entertainment experiences. Their driving goal is to become one of the best game development studio in Asia.
      Windflow is a leading interactive entertainment company for the mobile world, with people all around the world playing one or more of their games. At Windflow, they design casual games with a broad appeal, which are easy to learn and challenging to master, allowing people to play for a moment, then move on with their day and pick up their game later.
Invictus Games
      Invictus Games Ltd. is one of the leading game-developers of the Eastern-Central European Region. Located in Debrecen, Hungary, the company has specialized in state of the art racing games for PCs, but in 2010 decided to focus on games for mobile platforms too.
      Recently Invictus is developing various games for PC, MAC, iOS, Android, Linux platforms.
Since its establishment in 1992, Invictus has worked together with many game partners such as Codemasters, Activision, 1C, Gamepot, Joyzone, Gamigo, Nival and most recently with Bandai Namco Games America.
      Iyanagames share the same passion for games as you do ,they believe everyone is a gamer at heart and that games are a great source of joy and relaxation. They are a bunch of professionals with the motive of entertaining people with creative and inspiring ideas in games.