Letang Inc., founded in March 2009, is a world-famous mobile game publisher and promoter with over 500 employees. Our goal is to help games developers to promote games, boost application downloads, optimize Google ranking, build enterprise brand image and create value. We cooperate with games developers worldwide and it is our responsibility to provide high-quality games to all players. Our strong technical team, project planning, operations team and management structure can guarantee we won’t let you down.


As a leading animation and game company in China, we have forged a business developing our own IP as well as working with well-known brands such as Crayon Shin-Chan, Backkom, Boonies Bears, Ultraman, Super Bicycle, among others. In recent days, via our strong data and service system we successfully publish games in overseas markets, and we also cooperate with some famous overseas companies, and we will agent their famous games and publish in the oversea market.


The advantages of cooperating with Letang Inc.

  1. Abundant promotion channels and resources.

(1) Cooperation with Mobile manufacturers: Letang establishes long-term business cooperation with many global smart-phone manufacturers, such as Samsung, ZET, Huawei, LG, HTC, MOTO…

(2) Internet and Media: Letang establishes long-term cooperation relationships with world-famous games related websites and we have a strong team of media propaganda and advertising.

(3) Professional games evaluation team: We target our users according to the type of the games and then make advertisements specifically.

(4) Professional games test team: Our test team consists of 20 employees. We use dozens of test models of different brands to test products and provide you the best optimization scheme after testing. By this method, we are able to determine the most applicable models of phones for your products in order to avoid unnecessary problems and make sure that we promote your products successfully.

(5) Concerning overseas markets, many employees in Letang Inc. are skilled in translating to and from different languages. Based on promotion and publishing in different areas and countries, we offer various kinds of language translation. Letang Inc. enjoys high popularity in Europe, America, Southeast Asia and more.

(6) We master strong operator channels and favorable resources in Southeast Asia, especially in China and build solid cooperation foundation with China Mobile, China Telecom, China Unicom and so on.

(7) Professional team of marketing and statistics analysis: We have mastered a great deal of marketing methods, such as via Internet, Twitter, E-mail subscription and so on. Millions and millions of users are attracted to subscribe to our mailing list. Based on the large number of our real users, we can promote your products effectively according to users’ characteristics and countries.

  1. Business cooperation mode


We can distribute your games on majority of oversea markets including Google Play, Huawei inTouch store, Baidu and Alibaba oversea stores. All you need to do is to provide us good quality games, and it’s our job to distribute and market your games at its best potential.


  1. Successful cases

A rich experience of promotion and advertising have made Letang Inc. successfully promote plenty of developers’ products.   The overseas users of Letang reached 110 million in 2012 and struck over 238 million next year.  28 of all games own more than 5 million users of each. The users are mainly located in India, Brazil, Mexico, Malaysia, Russia and the USA. Now Letang owns a professional operation team of rich experience and multiple language service including English, Japanese, Korean, Arabian, Spanish, etc


Contact us

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Postal code: 230001

Tel: + 86551-4694820

Email: letangpromotion@gmail.com

The company website: http://www.letanginc.com/